DD coaxial and component speakers utilize sound quality design features coupled with high energy motor systems to set the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades. All DD speakers incorporate Faraday rings, high temperature voice coil wire, state of the art cone technology, and countless hours of R&D time. All these features come together to give you the sound to truly enjoy the ride.

DC 6.5b

The D Series components are purposefully built, enthusiast quality sets with everything you need for great sound and nothing you don’t.

The woofers deliver punchy midbass and smooth midrange by utilizing features like high energy motor assemblies, copper pole caps, double slit voice coils, aluminum cones, and frequency smoothing rubber dustcaps.

CC 6.5

The C Series 2-Way Component Speaker System is the perfect balance of high-fidelity refinement and value.

The 6.5-in mid-woofer features a cast aluminum frame and an aluminum cone coupled with a soft rubber dustcap and surround.

The crossover networks are built with premium components, including Mylar capacitors and segmented air-core inductors. Selectable tweeter levels are provided for fine high-frequency tuning.

EC 6.5

The E Series 6.5 Component Speakers are perfect for the listener who wants to instantly take their system from factory to fantabulous. This 2-way set offers high-end features and an outstanding sound that rivals much more expensive component sets.

The 6.5-inch woofer features an injection molded poly cone, rubber surround, and rigid steel frame. For reduced inductance, extended high-frequency roll off, and increased efficiency the voice coils features a double slit former and the motor utilizes a copper pole cap.

A Series

Extensive part analysis, hours of comparative listening tests, and decades of loudspeaker design experience have resulted in the creation of the A Series components. These reference grade components are built for listeners who are truly excited by the art of critically listening to mobile audio. Every part used in these speakers serves to advance their sonic performance characteristics while eliminating any unwanted elements. 

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