It is the goal of DD audio to create the finest audio products possible, dedicated to the ultimate performance of the product no matter the lengths required of the design of manufacturing process.

500 Series

The 500 series is one of the best performing subs you can find in its power class. With a highly efficient design, the 500 series can easily be driven to high output levels on as little as 150-400 Watts. When compared to the 200 Series the 500 Series uses a longer coil, more powerful motor and the suspension is designed to handle higher transient peaks. These are very versatile subs that work well in sealed enclosures while providing the extra energy and control needed for vented enclosures applications.

600 Series

The 600 Series is a great entry point for a higher performance system design that keeps the vehicle as close to stock as possible. These subs will perform like a boss on as little as 300-600 Watts, meaning even multiple woofer systems can be driven with one moderate powered amplifier. This keeps electrical upgrades minimal with less added strain on the vehicle. With a high energy, double stack motor paired with a laminated triple layer poly cotton spider suspension the 600 Series works best with vented and multi-order enclosures.

700 Series

The 700 series is designed for serious performance. It features a DD cast basket supporting a triple stack magnet motor, heavy duty suspension, and a high strength cone coupled to a massive EROM surround, making them best suited for duty in vented or multi-order enclosures.

800 Series

The 800 series subwoofers subwoofers are monsters aimed at the over the top bass cruising market. These subs are designed to get low and loud for however long your cruise may be. The motor was specifically designed to use the flat wire, aluminium, high-temp American made humungorific 4-inch coil. To increase heat dissipation over extended periods of time, the DD 800 features include back plate venting, basket venting, and outer shorting ring heat sink.

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