Signal Processors

To achieve the desired system performance it’s sometimes necessary to alter the audio signal from its pre-amp or post-amp waveform. DD offers a full line of passive and active solutions allowing you to bend those frequencies to your will.



The SC6 is a premium quality 6 channel line output signal converter.  Installers will appreciate the metal chassis and easy access to features such as input channel summing, turn on selection, and grounding selection. To allow for greater OEM interface compatibility, the SC6’s input impedance allows it to integrate with most load detect systems without the need for external resistors.


The DSI-3 audio signal processor will allow you to precisely tune the acoustics of a vehicle’s audio system for maximum listening pleasure. With features like 6ch summable input, 12ch output, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, and 31 band parametric EQ this DSP can easily handle the increased interfacing and tuning needs of today’s multi channel audio systems.


The DD Audio BSI (Bass Signal Interface) is designed for audio systems that need a little extra control over the lower frequencies to realize the full potential of a powerful sub stage.

With this one piece of equipment you can restore bass that was lost from music during the recording process, enhance bass content that is already present in the recording, and then boost the bass to a level that suits your bassaholic needs.

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