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The DD Audio BSI (Bass Signal Interface) is designed for audio systems that need a little extra control over the lower frequencies to realize the full potential of a powerful sub stage.

With this one piece of equipment you can restore bass that was lost from music during the recording process, enhance bass content that is already present in the recording, and then boost the bass to a level that suits your bassaholic needs.

The BSI’s control arsenal employs variable parametric bass processing, 24dB/Oct subsonic and low pass filters, and digital frequency anylisis. These features let you manipulate every aspect of the bass signal so you can add impact to your music with the precision of an audio surgeon.

Once the BSI’s acoustic controls are dialed in the multifunction remote control allows for on the fly adjustability of the master volume, effect on/off, and effect level.

To make it easy to integrate into almost any aftermarket or factory audio system the BSI is equipped with differential balanced RCA inputs, high level inputs, selectable input voltage range, and auto turn on features.




  • Variable Parametric Bass Processing
  • Variable 24dB/Oct Subsonic and Low Pass Filter
  • Multifunction Remote Control
  • 2ch Differential Balanced RCA & Speaker Level Inputs
  • Selectable Input Voltage Sensitivity Range
  • Signal Sens, 12v, and DC Offset Turn On
  • Variable Gain Adjustment with Output Clip Indicator
  • Selectable Ground Isolation
  • Aluminum Chassis



Operating Voltage: 10 – 16
Input Channel(s): 2
Output Channel(s): 2
RCA Input Voltage Sensitivity: 0.5 – 5v / 1 – 10v
High-Level Input Voltage Sensitivity: 2 – 20v / 4 – 40v
RCA Output Voltage: > 10v
RCA Input Impedance: ≥ 20k
High Level Input Impedance: 180
RCA Output Impedance: ≥ 50
RCA Input S/N: ≥ 105dBA
High-Level Input S/N: ≥ 106dBA
THD: 0.05%
Frequency Response (Hz): 15Hz-20kHz
Sub-Sonic Filter: 15Hz-50Hz 24dB/Oct
Low-Pass Filter: 50Hz-500Hz 24dB/Oct
Remote Control: Remote Included in Box
Remote Out Current: 12V >500 mA
Dimensions (Inches): 6 x 3.4 x 1
Dimensions (MM): 155 x 87.4 x 27

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