ESP 9915C

The 9900s are the go to subwoofers for the demanding bassaholic with a profound interest in physics. Entertaining minds will revel in the endless system design possibilities deliverable with these precision low-frequency devices.


ESP 9915C

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Once your order has been placed, your order will take roughly 7 weeks to arrive. This is due to the fact that this is item is Hand built to order.

The 9900C combines the performance redefining technologies such as the aluminum Dual Stage rear mounted Heatsink, USA Made Iron Cloth Spider System, 2nd generation V-ROM surround, and more with the immense power of DD’s largest ferrite motor subwoofer series, optimized for a 3200 watt rms and the ability to handle power bursts well over 12,000 watts.

When supercharged, the 9900 motor throws nearly 9000 gauss through a 30mm deep gap, where the 8 layer coil is driven to 40mm of one way travel, with 15mm of coil still driven in the magnet gap resulting in exceptional coil control and excursion driven through the stiffest and lightest moving parts. The Free Flow Cooling System and multi-point heatsinks offer unbeatable heat dissipation to protect the high-temp insulated voice coil. The non-pressed carbon fiber loaded pulp cones are made to be incredibly light and strong, with the audibly distinguishable quality of being handmade in the USA.



Speaker Size (In): 15
Watts RMS: 3200
Watts Peak: 12800
Impedance: D1 / D2
VCD (In): 4
Piston Diameter (In): 14.25
Fs (Hz): 34.32
Qms: 6.551
Qes: 0.426
Qts: 0.4
Vas (Liters): 54.38
Xmech (MM): 62
Xmax (MM): 22
Frame OD (In): 16.62
Frame OD w/Gasket (In): 16.75
Mounting Diameter (In): 15.19
Mounting Depth (In): 10.31
Motor Diameter (In): 10.31
Motor Depth (In): 4.56
Woofer Displacement (CuFt): 0.4
Ported Enclosure (CuFt): 3.0 – 6.0
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 87

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Actual product appearance may differ from what is shown in the pictures above. Images shown refer to the 12″ model of this driver series.

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