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The LE-500 Series enclosures are perfectly tuned to make use of the REDLINE Series drivers, resulting in low and loud bass without taking up your whole cargo area or requiring thousands of watts of power. The LE-500’s size and shape allow them to fit behind the backseat of virtually every trunk car, hatchback and SUV like it was custom built with your ride in mind. They feature a wedge design with a narrow top and deeper base to ensure a snug fit against the incline of a backseat. The width works perfectly with 40/60 split fold-down seating, and the height sits just below package trays and cargo covers.



Fully-integrated slot-ports to allow for greater tuning precision and enhanced enclosure bracing
Metal bar grill to keep unforeseen hazards safely away from you sub
Dual impedance speaker terminals for connecting to 1ohm or 4ohm rated amplifiers
Embroidered DD Audio logo on the face of the enclosure



Speaker Size (In): 10
Watts RMS: 250 – 500
Impedance: D2
Dimensions (Inches): 15 H x 18 W x 9 Top / 14 Base
Dimensions (MM): 381 H x 457.2 W x 229 Top / 355.5 Base
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 35

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