Soundqubed S4-100

The S4-100 is a high-efficiency Class D multi-channel amplifier with a host of tone control options.


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Soundqubed S4-100

The S4-100 balances deep and loud low ends with power for mids and highs. With the S4-100, you’ll have 175 Watts per channel in stereo on four channels at 2 Ohm and 100 Watts per channel in stereo on four channels at 4 Ohm.

For more power-hungry car stereos, it can be run in stereo at 375 Watts at 4 Ohm on two channels. This is perfect for driving one S4-100 to each door for car audio competitions and sound quality systems.

If increased volume and sound quality are what you want, look to SoundQubed mid-range speakers and tweeters for maximum sound quality and volume for your car audio system.

Utilize the S4-100’s high pass crossovers to direct precisely tuned tones to your tweeters and midrange speakers. These filters prevent speaker damage and interference from low range bass tones.

The multi-channel amp’s bandpass filter will make it easier to define what frequencies are eliminated from your car stereo system on the high and low end. This is ideal for separating the mid-range speaker tone from your tweeters.

An included low pass filter lets you choose what and how much low frequency is sent to your speakers. The power terminals secure your cables with 4-gauge set screws and speakers connect to the output terminals with 10 gauge set screws.

 If you’re considering a separate subwoofer amplifier for your vehicle’s build, the S1-850 and Q1-1200.2 are perfect playmates for sound quality and bass!

Open up new sonic options in your stereo system design when upgrading your stock speakers with the versatile S4-100 multi-channel amplifier.




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