CC 6.5a

The C Series 2-Way Component Speaker System is the perfect balance of high-fidelity refinement and value.


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CC 6.5a



The 6.5-in mid-woofer features a cast aluminum frame and an aluminum cone coupled with a soft rubber dustcap and surround. This combination results in an acoustically well-balanced speaker that offers superb frequency response while exhibiting warm tonal characteristics.  Additionally, for reduced inductance, extended high-frequency roll-off, and increased efficiency the voice coils feature a double slit former and the motor utilizes a copper pole cap.


The CT28 cloth dome tweeter offers a wide/smooth frequency response.  It features an attractive flush mount vented back machined aluminum housing.


The crossover networks are built with premium components, including Mylar capacitors and segmented air-core inductors. Selectable tweeter levels are provided for fine high-frequency tuning.



Speaker Size (In): 6.5
Speaker Size (MM): 165.1
Watts RMS: 75
Watts Peak: 180
Impedance: S4
Frequency Response (Hz): 50 – 20k
dBSPL: 90
Mounting Diameter (In): 5.74
Mounting Diameter (MM): 145.796
Mounting Depth (In): 2.6
Mounting Depth (MM): 66.04


Speaker Size (In): 1.102
Speaker Size (MM): 28
Watts RMS: 50
Watts Peak: 150
Impedance: S4
VCD (In): 1.102
VCD (MM): 28
Frequency Response (Hz): 3k – 25kHz
dBSPL: 90
Mounting Diameter (In): 1.89
Mounting Diameter (MM): 48.006
Mounting Depth (In): 0.5
Mounting Depth (MM): 12.7


Input Channel(s): 1
Output Channel(s): Tweeter / Mid-Woofer
Dimensions (Inches): 5.31 x 2.95 x 1.5
Dimensions (MM): 135 x 75 x 38


Shipping Weight (Lbs): 10
Shipping Weight (KG): 4.536

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